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At the center of every business accounting system lies the General Ledger. Profi’C General Ledger Software gives the user an extremely powerful and flexible financial accounting module. Complete control of your company’s financial position is achieved through immediate access and comprehensive review of all your financial data. Profi’C General Ledger assists management in planning and decision making procedures by thoroughly analyzing budgets, profit and loss, and current trends by division and region.

Every "event" in your company's financial bookkeeping is posted to the Suspense Journals in General Ledger. An "event" might be an Accounts Receivable posting or an invoice being processed (the real event is a sum associated with an account number and a journal posting code). 'Events' flow automatically from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Order Processing, and Inventory Control modules into the General Ledger Suspense Journal, which is a depository of all the financial 'events" in your business life. The Suspense Journals hold the current period account transactions with the ability to adjust, add or delete entries prior to update - removal from Suspense to the General Ledger Journal.    The General Ledger Journal entries are then maintained in detail to allow easy adjustment and month end processing of   transactions affecting current and prior accounting periods. Unique features include Customized Chart of Accounts, Account Redistribution, Currency Conversion, P and L, Income Statement and timely Financial Statements. Profi’C General Ledger provides multi-company, multi-division, and multi-cost center control reporting, all with complete audit trails. Profi’C gives power and flexibility to you, your accountant, and controller.

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