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The following is a sampling of the accounts payable pages
AP New Invoice Entry
The accounts payable new invoice entry allows the user to select the vendor which populates the screen with the vendor information. To provide flexability, the terms and branch are changeable fields. To provide accountability, the person's initials authorizing the payment must be entered. As an added feature, invoices that are scanned can be uploaded. The image name is entered under PO Image to provide a link to that image.
AP New Invoice Entry Part 2
The accounts payable new invoice entry part 2 fields are populated from the purchase order. Here the invoice date and number can be entered. Additionally any changes that need to be made to the figures can be made on this screen. The user can either freely enter the general ledger number or click on the button to generate a pop-up menu of the general ledger accounts. When an account number is selected it populates the form fields. The user only needs to enter the dollar amount. This form will continue to display until the user has completed assigning gl accounts to the invoice.
AP New Invoice Entry Part 3
The accounts payable new invoice entry part 3 displays how the page looks when general ledger account numbers are assigned. It also maintains a running balance so that the user can see remaining balance as entries are being made.
AP Invoice Entry Record
Upon completion of the invoice entry, the user can print out the accounts payable invoice entry record. The entry record displays all the information listed and selected on all the invoice screens.
AP Invoice Modification
The accounts payable modification screen allows for changes to all fields that were originally entered when it was initially created. Additionally the user has the ability to view the original invoice that was scanned and uploaded. This feature makes it convenient for the user to make the necessary changes without having to locate the original paperwork.
AP Invoice Modification Part 2
The accounts payable modification part 2 displays the information from part 1 and allows the user to view, add, delete and/or modify general ledger assignments.
AP View Invoice
The accounts payable view invoice is a popup window that appears when the view invoice button is clicked on the accounts payable modification screen or the inquiry screen. This window displays the original invoice that waas scanned and uploaded.
AP Aging
The accounts payable aging report allows the user to select the vendor they wish to view. Once selected the report is generated disclosing the invoice and purchase order number along with the invoice's due date, gross amount and balance due.