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The following is a sampling of the receiving pages
Receiving Part 1
When a company is selected all outstanding purchase orders are displayed. The user then selects the purchase order they have received the inventory items from.
Receiving Part 2A
The receiving section can be either very complex or simple depending on the users inventory. This sample reflects an inventory item that has a lot, is located in a bin in the warehouse and is also assigned a serial number. When an inventory item is received that requires any or all of these factors, the receiving form requires the user to not only enter how many has been received but to also indicate the quantity received for each lot, how many is being stored in each bin and the serial number of each product.
Receiving Part 2B
The receiving section on this sample shows the simplest type of receiving. When an inventory item does not have a lot and serial number and is not located in a bin, only the quantity needs to be inputted.
Receiving Receipt
Upon completion of the receiving section, the user has the option to printout a receipt of all items that have been received for their hard copy records.